About the Innovation Week 3-7 October 2022

The Innovation Week offers the opportunity for everyone within the public sector to spread the word about their experience of new smart solutions. What we all have in common is that we are committed to innovate the public sector in Sweden. An innovative and collaborative public sector is crucial in addressing the societal challenges and meeting the goals of Agenda 2030. The idea is to mobilize the public sectors to share work and solutions for a more innovative public sector.

Everyone who contributes to public sector innovation in order to meet the challenges of the future are welcome to arrange activities during the week. With joint forces activities are offered all over Sweden both physically and digitally. Each organizer design and carry out their own activity. All registered activities are published and searchable on the site Innovationsveckan.nu that shows the whole programme for the week, free of charge.

This year we especially want to highlight activities about:

  • The green transition and circular economy – innovative solutions for a sustainable future
  • Innovation during crisis – new ways of working and solutions in times of crisis
  • Innovation procurement – demand and buy new solutions
  • International – examples from other countries and international collaborations
  • Utilization of data – collaboration and innovation based on data
  • Strategic analysis – to look into and get help from the future
  • Smart policy development – conditions and rules that promote innovation


How to register an activity*


*Only available in Swedish.

Innovation week in brief

  • SKR (The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency, The National Agency for Public Procurement and DIGG (Agency for Digital Government) offer a platform for joint programme where all registered activities are searchable.
  • Ongoing October 3-7 throughout Sweden.
  • The programme for the week is created together.
  • The Innovation Week of 2021 had over 200 activities, mostly digital.
  • Each activity must have an organizing/participating party from the public sector but everyone who contribute to public sector innovation are welcome to arrange activities during the week.
  • The organizers design and carry out their own activities.
  • Registration of activities can be done until the start of the week and it is free of charge.

For participants:

  • Everyone is welcome to take part in the activities during the Innovation Week.
  • All questions about an event are answered by the organizer of that specific event.
  • If an event requires pre-registration, it is stated in the program.
  • The programme opens up in August and will continue to grow with new acitivities just until the start of the week.