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  • 30 september, 2019 13:3017:00
  • Stockholm
  • Openlab
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  • Open Innovation Lab: Diversity and Inclusion

    How might we build a practical tool for diversity and inclusion to be used in everyday work? Join this lab to build a range of first prototypes which we can test and develop further! You get to try the design thinking mindset and methodology and address this important challenge together with a mixed group of creative minds. Come help us build!

    At Openlab, we promote design thinking as a creative approach to challenge-driven innovation. With this lab, we want to co-create tools to help break the norms that restrict people, ideas and organisations to grow and innovate!

    We invite entrepreneurs, civil servants, doctors, project leaders, communicators, managers, researchers, teachers, thinkers and doers to an open innovation lab to increase diversity and inclusion at the workplace. How can we everyday be reminded of the 7 protected grounds of discrimination identified by Swedish law, and work pro-actively to create bigger diversity?

    The event is held in English. Read more and register by clicking the blue button. Limited number of seats!

    About Openlab
    Openlab is a challenge-driven innovation community providing courses for professionals, ph.d and master level students, a co-working space, innovation projects and a conference center. Together with our founding partners we are experts in transforming innovation for the public sector through design methods and digital innovation platforms. Openlab was created with the vision of making Stockholm a global center for innovation. Our partners – The City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, the Stockholm County Administrative Board, KTH, Stockholm University, Södertörn University and the Karolinska Institute – are all represented in our steering committee and provide funding as well as topics and challenges for our students, members and community to address.


    30 september, 2019
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    Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm
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    Sara Araya