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  • 9 oktober, 2020 09:0012:00
  • Nacka kommun and City of London
  • Workshop
  • Kultur och fritid
  • Skola och utbildning
  • Fusion Cities

    The City of London is for the second time hosting a meeting for cities in Europe that take fusion skills in consideration in their strategies for how to plan the city and its services. Nacka has been invited as one of the Citities and are together with the City of London inviting more cities to join.

    The demands of the employment market are changing rapidly. What you learn in school inadequately prepares you for real work-life situations and future skill requirements. With that perspective the City of London is inviting other cities, start-ups and NGO´s to discuss and learn from each other. This second meeting will focus on smaller tipi sessions online where projects that enhance fusion skills will be presented.

    The Municipality of Nacka will explore how a testbed for edtech not only brings digital skills to shools and market knowledge to edtech companies but also enlarge other fusion skills such as collaboration.

    The meeting is open for Swedish cities and municipalities during the week of innovation. Please contact in order to get the invite from the hosts.
    Report from 2019 meeting:


    9 oktober, 2020
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