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  • 7 oktober, 2020 12:0013:00
  • AI Sustainability Center
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  • Ethical and Societal Risks of AI – How Public Sector Organizations Can Work Responsibly

    The seminar will highlight ethical and societal risks of AI and other data driven technologies, and how public sector organizations can work to avoid them. We will provide practical examples of how two Swedish public agencies have worked to increase their efforts when it comes to Sustainable AI.

    The Vinnova project – Framework for Sustainable AI, aims at creating a practical framework and tools for avoiding the ethical and societal risks of artificial intelligence. On the topic Ethics and AI, the EU has identified some high stakes sectors that will likely be regulated, and many uses of AI in the public sector are specified. All organizations will need to comply with upcoming regulations, and a proactive approach will help to mitigate the negative and costly impacts of AI before they occur, while being ahead of the regulatory curve.

    The AI Sustainability Center will present a practical framework for how public sector organisations can work to avoid unintended pitfalls, and provide two case studies of the Swedish Public Employment Services and the Swedish Tax Agency applying the framework for ethical and sustainable AI applications.

    The panel will be streamed live. Panelists include: Anna Felländer (Founder, AI Sustainability Center), David Frydlinger (Managing Partner, Cirio Advokatbyrå), Andrea Risberg, Program Manager, AI Sustainability Center), Ulrika Sanders Jonsson (Head of Data Driven Analysis & AI, Arbetsförmedlingen), and Johan Schauman (Head of Digital Co-Development, Skatteverket).

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    7 oktober, 2020
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    AI Sustainability Center
    Elizabeth Johnson
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