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  • 8 oktober, 2020 13:3015:00
  • Openlab
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  • Diverse and inclusive workplaces – Share, Mingle and Inspire

    Businesses that actively work for diversity and inclusion are more innovative and more successful in attracting talent. Join us on October 8th and listen to five interesting speakers sharing their stories on increasing diversity and inclusion at work or on the labour market.

    How can we take action for a more inclusive labour market and discover overlooked potential? How can workplaces recruit a diversity of competence, talent and perspectives without discrimination and prejudice?

    In this event we bring forward five examples of initiatives, recruiters, employers and consultants that challenge norms and conformity att the work place and labour market, actively and consciously striving towards diversity and inclusion, and the results they have achieved by doing so.

    Presentation format – 5 by 5
    We use a rapid presentation format inspired by PechaKucha where the the five speakers share their story using 5 slides shown 1 minute each. After the presentations there is time for questions, mingle and networking with speakers and attendees. The event is in English and held digitally in Zoom.

    Organised by openlab
    Openlab is an innovation and collaboration center for developing sustainable solutions to societal challenges in the Stockholm region. We are founded by the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, KTH, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and Södertörn University. The event is part of the EU-funded project Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation.


    8 oktober, 2020
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